Brian has been captured by photography ever since he won his first photography contest in the 3rd grade.  One of his first jobs was working at the only photo lab in Page, AZ (a photographer's paradise) where he was born and raised.  He attended Arizona State University, where he took his first official photography course... and then his second.  As he went to register for his third course, he was denied access, told that only photography majors were allowed to take the next course.  Sad and defeated he left the registrars office.  After pouting all day, like a lightening bolt, he realized, "Oh, I could be a photo major!"  The next morning, he was back at the registrars office changing his undeclared to Photography and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine arts in Photography, with a small business management minor, from ASU in 2001.  

Since then, he has never stopped taking photographs.  As a travel, hiking and outdoor enthusiast many of his photos would fall into the travel, nature or landscape categories. But, is not defined specifically by any of those categories.  He's willing to dabble in anything that catches his visual attention including theatre, portraiture and abstract photography.